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About Us

Connection | Service | Partnership | Transformation

Keedy's Greater Impact Inc., was founded after a sudden tragedy that would soon turn into a season of triumph after thoroughly assessing the communities and settings around us during the height of Covid-19. Since the year of 2020, KGI Inc., has accomplished many things, but has currently achieved their Nonstock Corporation status, August of 2022. With the vision to service both communities, families, and youth both nationwide and globally, this organizations' work stretches from Montego Bay, Jamaica to the heart of the historic city, Richmond, Virginia. 

KGI Inc. sheds light and memory of the legacy of Keira M. Reese-Johnson, former resident and grief advocate for the Richmond Community. Our goal is to continue to carry out the ideas and vision of Keira by standing firm in our Core Values, Connection, Service, Partnership, and Transformation. Our aim is to be an advocate for our youth, to be the voice for the voiceless, and instill family connection and growth within those whom we serve. 

Our five pillars to success stems from our drive in Youth Development, Academic Enhancement, Economic Empowerment, Community Engagement, and Crisis Intervention & Prevention. 


Our Story

Our Story begins April of 2020 in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. After spending months of attempting to find our purpose in the middle of a world-wide pandemic, things slowly began to shift from pain into purpose after the unexpected transition of Keira. Founder, Tarnika, sought to carry out the vision that Johnson was in the process of creating through her own upcoming nonprofit organization, Beyond The Tears which focused on bringing awareness to grief and mental health stigmas in the Black Community. 

June of that same year, Keedy's Greater Impact launched our first mission project to support teenage mothers and their families at the Women's Centre Foundation of Montego Bay, Jamaica. Since then, our work began to stretch from Restorative Justice Programs, various School Systems, and Universities in the state of Virginia. As always, we thank our generous donors and supporters for believing in our mission and helping us along our journey of Impact, Faith, and Success.

Meet The Team

Hydera Conner

Community Outreach Coordinator

My'Asia Allen-Murray

Program Impact Coordinator

Who We Serve

K-12 Graders

We have served and supported youth apart of the Richmond, Chesterfield, Henrico, and Orange County Public School System.

College Students

Many of our Public Speaking skills developed throughout our undergraduate studies. From sitting on panels, holding different officer positions, being guest speakers at events, and by presenting data and research, it is without a doubt that we strive to instill these very skills into our college students.  


Our family engagement stretches from Jamaica to households between the Hampton Roads area and Richmond community. 

Staff and Supporters of Restorative Justice Programs and Communities 

Since 2020, KGI Inc. has had the opportunity to support Restorative Justice Initiatives within both the Hampton Roads area and North Chesterfield Community. In Spring of 2020, we had the opportunity to support the Norfolk City Jail's Program, by implementing GED Readiness skills along with Women Empowerment Workshops. In Fall of 2021, the organization moved to supporting youth apart of the Chesterfield Adolescent Reporting Program. 

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