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An Icy Momentum with Coleman Shepherdson III

Diligent, hardworking, humorous, optimistic and well-rounded are all the characteristics that surface when introducing our first male interviewee for our Saturday Support Spotlight. With a vibe so pure and aurora that's so breathtaking, it's never a dull moment when engaging in conversation with the man with a plan, Mr. Make it Happen himself. The coldest person I know, my favorite of them all... Introducing, Coleman Shepherdson III, with an Icy Momentum.

Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, the South to be exact, Shepherdson possesses the attributes of a motivated, good spirited, and focused individual as he has taken on several leadership roles and commitments before his completion of graduating from the prestigious Old Dominion University. Earning his Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering, sitting on multiple Executive Boards through different organizations, providing mentorship for both his peers and youth, while being apart of the coldest and oldest Fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, Shepherdson aspires to inspire by remaining moved in his purpose--to create both a legacy while also considering one's longevity.

Coleman believes that receiving knowledge, support, and guidance expands not only himself, but those around him. His drive to effortlessly grow as this builds his character in aiding and pouring into others, leads him to acknowledge the thought that anything he is invested into is considered long-term which is beneficial to his next moves. Having a tribe of like-minded individuals in his corner, supports in his reasoning as to who motivates him to keep going. "Seeing the passion that someone has in something and actively achieving THEIR goal makes me want to go even harder. That's why it's important to know that you are the company you keep." Simply put, Shepherdson reminds us that it is the person themselves that has control to plant the seeds and watch them grow as this fosters the legacy that is currently in the works of being perceived and birthed into this world.

The interviewee shares that understanding and recognizing your work, more so; knowing where you come from, where you are, and where you are going allows one to preserve through life's most challenging moments. Shepherdson believes that following these three points not only allows you to view things from your own perspective, but also assists one in showing gratitude for all that they have accomplished. Noting that we must give ourselves credit and grace, especially during our most crucial times in life, and having a great mentor/support system who's invested in your goals and aspirations, elevates one to become the best version of themselves.

"Anyone can believe in you, but if you don't believe in yourself, it becomes worthless."

Shepherdson finds passion and joy as he continues to leave a greater impact in his community by being involved in the development of our emerging leaders, our youth. Being referred to as "Mr. Cole", reigns down upon his burning desire to guide and protect our children, as their future is essential. Knowing that he is leaving his mark by creating a safe space for those who may be without a healthy support system is what grants him the most pleasing and rewarding feeling thus far. Coleman lives by and ponders over the quote, "Do Better than Yesterday, Everyday", as he accepts that though we are not perfect, there is always space to try to be. By improving and bettering yourself in any and everything, Shepherdson believes that eventually you will find whatever it may be that you are searching for within your inner-self. This is Catching a Glimpse of What It's Like Behind the Saturday Support Spotlight.

Transparency and Authenticity: "I'm Just a Cool Mf".
Mr. Coleman Shepherdson III


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